High-speed heavy-axis machining center  DMCC3

Performance and parameters


  1 Steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other materials can be processed.

  2. Integrated design of electrical cabinet and machine body makes transportation , installation ,operation much easier,and the stability more higher.

  3 Equipped with crumb guide device, aluminum and steel crumb will be gathered at bottom drawers, which makes clean much easier.

  4.Double-location design with very high efficiency, more work locations can be increased according to customer requirements.

  5.X, Y, Z axis max. positioning speeds can be up to 80M, 60M, 60M / min, which is fastest speed in similar machine among this field.

  6.Imported pneumatic circuits for clamping device, make holders have a greater lateral movement range, suitable for processing different profiles.

  7.Point control for holder brake, workers can move and locate clamping device much easier.

  8.Equipped with SAGELY micro lubrication system (USA), vegetable lubrication oil, non-toxic, non-pollution, effectively protect milling tools and increase tool life.

  9.Spindle adopts GELLS brand ( Taiwan ), maximum speed up to 12000Rpm.

  10. With rigid tapping function, much faster and precise,

  11. Servo spindle motor can output max. 23.9Nm during low-speed, speed up to 11000rpm, fully suitable for heavy steel, copper and aluminum profiles.

  12. Imported German PA system is equipped with standard hole database, workers can select graphics and input coordinate directly, with simple operation. For complex or non-standard graphics, workers can process with CADCAM which is equipped on machine.

  13. Tool presetting is not needed before exchange tools, tool length can be input into CADCAM system for process, much easier and efficient.

  14.Automatic crumb cleaning device ( Optional ).

  15.Barcode scanner to scan labels on profiles, fit using CIMS system, to save labor, reduce error and improve production efficiency (optional ).

  Technical Parameter:

  Rapid positioning speed(X axis) :80M/min

  Processing Area(LxWxH):7000*380*300

  Rapid positioning speed(Y axis):60M/min

  Rapid positioning speed(Z axis):60M/min


  Tool Magazine:16

  Spindle max.rotary speed:11000rpm

  Air Pressure:240L/min

  Voltage:380V 50Hz



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