CNC aluminum spacer bending machine  SBM-CNC

Performance and parameters

  Model: SBM-CNC


  Adopt PLC control, it’s convenient to adjust parameters through touching screen.

  The profiles feeding and bending are controlled by servo motor with high accuracy and excellent effects.

  Different specifications of profiles can be stocked.

  To avoid connection automatically when bending and cutting.

  Unique shape of spacer can be bent.

  Function of bending spacer bar with big size.

  Can realize the function of continuously bending different shape of spacer bar.


  Aluminum bar width: 5.5-20mm

  Aluminum spacer size min: 250mm×250mm

  Aluminum spacer size max: 2000mm×2000mm

  Power supply: 380V(3P+N) 50Hz

  Air supply: 0.5-0.8MPa

  Overall Dimension: 10500mm×2100mm×2600mm

  Total Weight: 1200KG

  Power: 2.5KW

  Air consumption: 30L/min

  Conveying speed 120m/min


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