Aluminum vertical rotatable combination punch  LLZC-50

Performance and parameters

  Model: LLZC-50


  Used for punching processing in the manufacture of aluminium window and door.

  Every combination punching die equipped with the machine can achieve various punching process, by- changing processing position, various types profiles can be processed.

  Adopt disk worktable equipped with six dies. Each die be used at any time by the worktable rotating, which greatly increased the production efficiency


  Voltage: 380V 50HZ

  Power: 2.2KW

  Rotary: 1400rpm

  Rated oil pump pressure: 16Mpa

  Capacity of box 20L

  Rated pressure: 50KN

  Punching travel times: 30 Times/min

  Overall dimension: 900mmx900mmx1400mm

  Weight: 500Kg


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