Aluminium Profile Automatic End Milling Machine  LDX-350

Performance and parameters

  Model: LDX-350


  ▶ Different from other end milling machine, and suitable for various profiles. It also has a special design for the curtain wall profile

  ▶ Convenient tool adjustment to meet different processing requirement. There has a adjust gauge so it is more exactly for adjusting.

  ▶ Clamp one time can process several profiles, which increased the processing efficiency.

  ▶ Need not ordering tools when process various profiles, thus can decrease cost and save time.

  ▶ Large tool diameter, high milling speed and good processing result.

  ▶ Our machine is specially designed with safe guards, and they clip the profiles tight, even when electricity is cut off suddenly. So it can ensure the operators’ safety.


  ▶ Voltage:380V 50HZ

  ▶ Motor Power:2.2KW

  ▶ Motor adjusted travel:0-80mm

  ▶ Supporting profile operating platform:0-1050mm

  ▶ Supporting profile operating platform size:530X320mm

  ▶ Air pressure:0.5-0.8MPa

  ▶ Blade specification:Φ350XΦ30X3.2Z=100


  ▶ Rotary speed:2800r/min

  ▶Surface Harshness:Ra12.5 µ m

  ▶ Overall dimension:2700mmX1250mmX1900mm

  ▶ Weight:1000KG


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