Aluminium Profile Automatic End Milling Machine  LDX-250

Performance and parameters

  Model: LDX-250 / LDXR-250


   Used for aluminium profile end processing, and suitable for various profiles.

   Clamp one time can process multi-piece profiles, which increased the processing efficiency.

   Convenient tool adjustment to meet different processing requirement.

   Need not ordering tools when process various profiles, thus can decrease cost and save time.

   Large tool diameter, high milling speed and good processing result.

   Our machine is specially designed with safe guards, and they clip the profiles tight, even when electricity is cut off suddenly. So it can ensure the operators’ safety.


   Voltage:380V 50HZ

   Motor Power:2.2KW

   Motor adjusted travel:0-80mm

   Air pressure:0.5-0.8MPa

   Blade specification:Φ250XΦ32X6.5Z=40

   Rotary speed:2800r/min

   Surface Harshness:Ra12.5 µ m

   Overall dimension:2400mmX1250mmX1900mm



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