Aluminum double-angle cutting saws  LJZ2-450×3700

Performance and parameters

  Model: LJZ2-450×3700


  Imported carbide saw blade give accurate processing and high endurance.

  Saw blade rotate smoothly due to high accuracy main spindle.

   Uniform speed feeding and smooth motion due to air-hydraulic damping cylinder.

  Used for cutting aluminium at -45°,90°and 45°

  One time processing can cut off the required length.

  The safety devices designed specially clamp the devices when power is cut off suddenly. So the safety of operators is assured.


  Voltage: 380V 50HZ

   Power: 3.55KW

  Air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa

  Air consumption: 200L/min

  Blade specification: Φ450×4mm×Φ30×Z120

  Cutter moving speed: 0-2m/min

  Cutting length: Max3700mm Min400mm

   Cutting width: 120mm

  Cutting height: 200mm

  Cutting angle: -45° 45° 90°

  Angle error : ±4

  Repeat locating length error: ±0.2 mm

  Surface plainness: ±0.1 mm

  Surface harshness:  Ra12.5 μ m

  Overall dimension: 4700mm×1600mm×1600mm


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