Aluminum double-angle precision cutting saws  LJZ2-500X4200

Performance and parameters



  ▶LJZ2-500X4200 is used for cutting of alu-alloy and wall profile. The imported special hard-metal saw features the high precision and efficiency for cutting alu-alloy doors and windows. And the cutting precision has reached the advanced level in the world. The hi-precision main shaft makes the saw stable and the surface smooth. The gas-liquid damping cylinder realizes smooth feeding and steady moving.

  ▶ The automatically opening and closing protecting cover makes the operation safe and easy. The moving heads adopt imported linear bearing motion pair, and they features high precision.

  ▶ The moving feeder can efficiently locate the profile, and making the clamping easy and reliable. With the large saws and long structures, the saw has large cutting range.


  ▶ Voltage:380V 50HZ

  ▶ Power:4.4KW

  ▶ Air pressure:0.5-0.8MPa

  ▶ Air consumption:200L/min

  ▶ Blade specification:Φ500XΦ30X4.4Z=120(standard size)

  ▶ Cutting length:400mm-4200mm

  ▶Cutting width:Max.135mm

  ▶ Cutting height:Max.300mm

  ▶ Cutting angle:45° 90°

  ▶ Angle error:±4′

  ▶ Repeat locating length error:±0.2mm

  ▶ Surface plainness:±0.1mm

  ▶ Surface roughness:Ra12.5μm

  ▶ Overall dimension:5500mmX1750mmX1990mm


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