Aluminum CNC corner key cutting machine  LJMJ-500PS

Performance and parameters

  Model: LJMJ-500PS


   Used for corner connector of aluminium profile cutting and for plastic cutting.

   Imported carbide saw blade give accurate processing and high endurance.

   Linear bearing motion pair gave less resistance force and ensures high processing accuracy.

   Auto profile feeding device is available.

   Suitable for large volume production.

   Clamping and feeding process adopt pneumatic control. It has features of high automation, reliability and production efficiency.

   It adopts automatic counters.


   Voltage:380V 50HZ


   Air pressure:0.5-0.8MPa

   Air consumption:200L/min

   Blade specification:Φ500XΦ30X4.4Z=120

   Feeding speed:0-3m/min

   Rotary speed:2800rpm

   Cutting length:Max600mm Min3mm

   Cutting width:140mm

   Cutting height:140mm

   Surface plainness:±0.1mm

   Surface harshness: Ra12.5 µ m

   Overall dimension:1750x1600x1600mm


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