PVC Profile Auto Water-slot Routing Machine  SCX02-3×60

Performance and parameters


   This machine mainly consists of machine heads, hand driven lift mechanism, profile-holding worktable, machine framework, and electric chest. The whole machine is normally equipped with three machine heads: right machine head, middle machine head, and bottom machine head.

   According to different requirements, we can select different allocations such as allocations of left machine head, middle head, bottom machine head), allocation (middle machine head, right machine head, and bottom head machine), and so on. All the working combination of every machine heads can be completed through the select switch on the electric chest.

   This machine uses module structure. During running, all the machine heads can single work, or selected interlock work, which is free to select, easy to control. It is mainly used for processing water slot on PVC profile.


   Voltage:220V 50HZ

   Total Power:1.14KW

   Air pressure:0.5-0.8MPa

   Air consumption:95L/min

   Max. Milling depth:30mm

   Milling length:60mm

   Diameter of milling cutter:Φ5mm

   Overall dimension:2100mm x 860mm x 1500mm



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