PVC window door High Speed Corner Cleaning Machine with CNC  HSC-120

Performance and parameters

  Model: HSC-120


   This machine is mainly used for cleaning welding line corner of welded PVC door and window. This machine is equipment, which centralize pneumatic drive, machinery technology, and Automatic together. It has multifunction such as vertical mill, sawmill broach, and so on. It has merits of high automatic, good processing quality, easy operation and adjustment etc. the machine is ideal equipment for mass production and custom production.

   This machine adopts the START Numerical Control System of America, which can set up two-dimension process program, according to different profile. The machine can setup and store more than 100 sets of processing program.

   The tray-milling cutter can mill the external corner of PVC door and window along the two-dimension track. With the upper and the lower vertical cutters, the machine can clean the grooves of airproof bar and the unwanted welding tumor on the internal and the external flat shot at the same time of separately. And at the same time it can clean the upper and the lower flat welding slot with the upper and the lower vertical cutters. Further, the needed number can be keyed in the spot situation, the processing program can be corrected based the spot situation, so welding seam with error can be cleaned up efficiently.

   The machine has the character such as convenient adjustment, high automation etc.


   Voltage:220V 50HZ

   Total Power:1.5KW

   Air pressure:0.4-0.7MPa

   Air consumption:11L/min

   Profile Height:30mm-120mm

   Profile Width:30mm-110mm

   Overall dimension:1650mm x 1000mm x 1500mm



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