PVC window door High speed Corner Cleaning Machine with CNC  HSC-F5

Performance and parameters

  Model: HSC-F5


   PVC door-window high-speed cleaning machine with CNC. HSC-F5 is specially equipped for cleaning 90 angle welding slag of the PVC door-window.

   It used the most advanced LCD touch screen, and with our company special software, a computer interface menu shows, working monitor, touching screen, convenient operation, adjust the cutter can finish simultaneously with the program.

   The programming is flexible and reliable. Main parts are imported originally, which can ensure guarantee the operation reliability. The machine has the problem protection system and the alarm device.

   The touching screen can show you the working situation, which can easy the operators to test problem.

   The feeding is adopted the ball guide rail with high precision. It can reduce the feeding error and make the profile corner more beautiful, the automatic protection system failure, and failure was the cause and solution presentation. System interface to demonstrate equipment.


   Voltage:220V 50HZ

   Total Power:1.5KW

   Air pressure:0.4-0.7MPa

   Air consumption:11L/min

   Profile range (W*H):Max.width:130mm; max.height: 150mm

   Overall dimension:1650mm x 1000mm x 1500mm



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