PVC Profile Arch Bending Machine  SYH-1800

Performance and parameters

  Model: SYH-1800.


   SYH-1800 is bending machine special for PVC profile bending, is essential equipment for PVC arc windows production. The machine design simple, easy to operate, flexible, accurate positioning, and processing are broad in scope, using tubular heating element heating, safely reliable.

   This machine is made up of bending and shaping worktable﹑oil-heating groove﹑board rod﹑shaping belt and filling belt. It features reliable function, safe operation and high efficiency.

   After being filled up﹑profile and softened in the heating groove, and then it can be bent and finalized to the design of semicircle you need whose diameter is between 500mm and 1800mm or arch of any type whose diameter is not more than 3000mm on the worktable .Further of can use different shaping belt according to different profile.

   When installing, you must do grounding it according to the electric wiring diagram.

   Keep the working floor clean, prevent from sliding and freezing.

   The degree of tightness should be suit as the profile is being filled up.

   As putting the profile into the oil groove for heating, the handle should drop slowly to prevent the heating medium from spilling.

   After finishing work, you must shut the electric power﹑clean the worktable surface and hood the plastic cloth as dustproof..


   Voltage:380V 50HZ

   Total Power:12KW

   Worktable dimension:2850mm x 1250mm x 800mm

   Oil-heating groove dimension:3100mm x 300mm x 650mm



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