In addition to vertical glass film machine (axis)  AM222527-A4

Performance and parameters

  Model: AM22/25/27-A4


  The collocation of British Motion Controller and Japanese Panasonic Motion system can realize superior performance. The adoption of E-view touching screen makes operation easier;

  The graphical design rather than literal expression makes it easier and vivid for operating the touching screen, and live supervision of the working situation can be realized on the screen;

  Four-axis servo motors work together realizes precise location ;

  Regular shape can be monitored and processed automatically according to the input size. And there is no need to change the grinding wheel for irregular shape;

  The adoption of linear guide rail increases working accuracy;

  Low-E and coated glass can be identified automatically;

  Automatically dust removal;

  Automatically revising and correcting the grinding wheel;

  The adoption of variable frequency motor in assistant transmission section makes it much stable and reliable;

  Laser cutting and CNC bending technologies makes the back plate high-strength, good-vision and hard-distortion;

  The seamless design of this machine matches all kinds of vertical glass production line.


  Power supply: 380V 50HZ

  Total power: 3.35KW

  Conveying motor: 0.75KW

  Lifting motor of grinding head:1.5KW

  Conveying motor of vacuum:0.75KW

  Rotary motor of grinding wheel:0.4KW

  Dust cleaner motor: 1.1KW

  Assistant convey motor:0.8KW

  Convey speed: 30m/min

  Film removing speed: 0-20m/min

  Filming removing width: 0-150mm

  Grinding wheel size: 200x76.2x(10-30)mm

  Processing precision: ±0.3mm

  Working pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa

  Air consumption: 120L/min

  Working height of glass: 520mm

  Glass processing size: 350x500-2200x3000mm

  Glass processing thickness: 5-15mm

  Overall dimension: 8200x2500x3400mm

  Weight: 2000KG


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