CNC glass cutting line  RGC-CNC

Performance and parameters

  Model: RGC-CNC


  Three sections: double turning arms multi-position glass loading seciton, automatic cutting section and flotation severing section.

  Adopt OPTIMA software, ADVANTECH industrial personal computer and OMRON servo motor.

  It’s widely used for architectural glass, furniture glass, auto glass, solar glass and so on.

  Glass orientation: photoelectronic scanning orientation and mechanism orientation.

  Unique shape of glass can be scanned by photoelectronic scanning function and saved in CAD format.

  It’s convenient to draw and operate with 300 kinds of picture templates.

  Cutting operation: use air pressure and the spring SMC precision digital module. The cutter head rotate 360o, available for any shape cutting.

  Conveying device: synchronous belt transmission automatically.


  Name CNC glass cutting produce line

  Model RGC-CNC

  Power 380V/50HZ/15-20KW

  Glass loading section

  Power 380V/50HZ/9KW

  Max loading size 2440x3660mm

  Min loading size 1500x1500mm

  Loading thickness 2-19mm

  Loading weight 900Kg

  Air pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa

  Glass cutting section

  Power 380V/50HZ/5KW

  Air pressure 0.8Mpa

  Max. cutting size 3660x2500mm

  Cutting bridge speed 0-150m/min

  Cutter head speed 160m/min

  Cutting thickness 2-25mm

  Cutting accuracy ±0.20mm

  Cutter head location error ±0.15mm


  Rock and Opinion rail rack system:YYC

  Servo Motor: OMRON

  Software : OPTIMA

  Driving belt: Martexwell

  Electric parts: Schneider.


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