Automatic Insulating Glass Produce Line  IGV8W-S

Performance and parameters

  Automatic Insulating Glass Produce Line IGV8W-S


  ◆ This machine is specially equipped with self-diagnostic function which is convience to check and maintain.

  ◆ Japanese brand PLC and Photoelectric switch.

  ◆ The type of lead screw pressing with high precision and stability

  ◆ Japanese Omron Driver and servo motor control the distance between the assembling section opening and closing accuratly .

  ◆ Equipped with Korea YSC vacuum generator and 22 suckers from Taiwan NEW AERA which prevent glass from displacementing and ensure the pressing quality.

  ◆ Multistage frequency conversion control is exclusively used, and multi-speed revolution optimization function can realize all kinds of size of glass movement.

  ◆ All convey parts of produce line adopts for stop buffer function which avoid happening the phenomenon of glass and device targeting collision.

  ◆ The fan starting adopts for hierarchical delay start device, effectively avoid the phenomenon of excessive current start.

  ◆ Washing and drying machines and water tanks are manufactured for stainless steel ,conveyor roller as acid and alkali rubber roller can be automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the glass conveying roller spacing.

  ◆ Check transmission and aluminum frame assembly machine adopts with two-speed transmission with efficient and energy saving.It can be realized processing the long glass, triple-glazed glass ,big and small glass automatically (Customized project, requiring special requirements)

  ◆ Press-attaching flat inner movable front tableting adopts imported chuck unit, assembling and flat pressing controled by a servo control system to ensure the two glass platen can be combined safely and smoothly to ensure accuracy.


  Voltage: 380V 50HZ

  Air consumption: 200L/min

  Power: 14.05KW

  Max. process dimension: 2500mm x 1800mm

  Min. process dimension: 450mm x 300mm

  Max. thickness: 40mm

  Convey speed: 12-40m/min

  Weight: 3900kg

  Overall dimension: 17000mm×2100mm×2960mm


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