High-speed automatic insulating glass production line  IGV22-S6

Performance and parameters

  Feature and Parameter

  Germanic technology is adopted in the whole line and main components are imported from world famous brand since it will be stable, convenient to maintain, and easy to handle. Insulating glass like standard glass, overlength glass, coated glass, low-E glass, stepped glass, special shaped glass, triple glass, etc can be produced.

  This machine adopts high pressure fan, equipped with special air knife with bigger angle others which can improve the drying effect.

  Multistage frequency conversion control is exclusively used, and multi-speed revolution optimization function can realize all kinds of size of glass movement

  Big color touching screen can lively monitor working stage of each section, equipped with self-diagnosis function, easy to maintain, also with remote diagnosis function.

  Germany industrial plastic(avoid getting rusty) bearings are used so there is no need to maintain daily.

  This machine adopts advanced glass aluminum installation positioning system, can realize adjustment of making silicone, positioning accurately and easily.

  Pressing plate pressure controlled by servo motor and ball screw with high precision, at the same time adopt servo control system to realize automatic location adjusting, and the long piece of automatic processing

  The machine can be connectted with Film Removing Machine and Two-component Coating Machine freely.

  Main Technical Parameter

  Voltage:380V 380V(3P+N)±+6% -10%


  Controlling supply:DC 24V

  Total Power:32kw

  Air pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa

  Air consumption:160L/Min

  Cleaning Convey speed:0-12m/min

  Max. processing speed:50m/min

  Process dimension

  Min. process dimension:250×400mm

  Max. process dimension:2200mm x 3000mm(for first assembling)

     2200mm x4800mm(for twice assembling)

  Process Glass Style: Standard, Coated glass

  Process thickness:12-60mm

  Thickness of Washing one piece glass:3-12mm

  Working Height:485±50mm

  Angle of inclination:6°

  Coating Depth:0-20mm

  Work direction:Right-Left or Left-Right

  Big or small size:



  Pressing Method:Screw Assembling

  Overall dimension: 23500mm×2800mm×3300mm



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