Aluminum CNC automatic cutting saws  LJMJ-CNC-500C

Performance and parameters


  ◆The machine has large cutting range, used for aluminum profile and curtain wall profile cutting.

  ◆It has hi-efficiency and perfect safe guards. It is suitable for large scale production.

  ◆ Adopted CNC technique and high helical pitch ball screw-lead motion, with high accurate driving, locating and smooth working, can achieve various profile auto cutting.

  ◆Its’ body adopts advanced steel structure design, through aging treatment, ensuring good body rigidity, easily deformed.

  ◆ The imported special carbide blade with high quality makes the accurate of cutting .

  ◆High precision spindle can ensure the blade running smoothly, effectively improved the cutting quality of the material surface.

  ◆Feeding system of blade adopts the imported air-hydraulic cylinder realizes smooth feeding and steady moving.

  Technical Parameter:

  Power supply: 380V 50HZ

  Blade motor power: 3.0KW

  Blade Rotate speed: 2800rpm

  Blade specification: Φ500×4.4×Φ30×Z120

  Air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa

  Air consumption: 200L/min

  Cutting angle: 90°

  Processing accuracy: ±10"

  Feeding length: 5㎜—800㎜(modified: 5㎜—2000㎜)

  Cutting width: Max300㎜

  Cutting height: Max 150㎜

  Overall dimension(except machine frame): 2500*1300*1700mm

  Weight: 800KG


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