Alu-alloy Any Head Combined Boring Machine(4 /6 Heads)  LDZZ4-13

Performance and parameters

  Model: LDZZ4-13


   Used for drilling processing in the manufacture aluminium window and door and curtain well profile.

   It can installed many punching dies, can process many holes simultaneously.

   Suitable for long profile and mass production.

   Adopt pneumatic-hydraulic damp feeding system.


   Voltage:380V 50HZ


   Rotary speed: 1400r/min

   Max. diameter of milling cutter:13mm

   Max process length:5000mm

   Max distance between two holes:300mm

   Max profile dimension: 250mm x 250mm

   Max distance of head front-back moving:60mm

   Hole dimension Error:±0.3 mm

   Hole position error:≤0.3 mm

   Overall dimension:5500mm×1900mm×1000mm



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