Aluminum windows and doors high-speed drilling and milling center  DMCC3H

Performance and parameters

  1. The machine is suitable for processing varieties of holes and slots for diversified aluminum doors and windows.

  2. It adopts high-precision linear guide pair, ball screw, pinion and rack and imported servo motor to ensure the machine runs steadily with high precision.

  3. It adopts Italian HSD high-speed motorized spindle to ensure the machine runs steadily with lower noise and better cutting ability.

  4. It adopts vegetable oil microcrystalline cooling system to improve the tool life without poison and pollution.

  5.The rotary workbench can change the position among -90°、0° and +90° arbitrarily, one time clamping can finish milling for three sides.

  6. It adopts PA control system from Italy, intelligent CNC control system and straightforward human-computer interface make the operation much more convenient and efficient.


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