Gantry type CNC 5 axis machining center  Gantry axis machining center

Performance and parameters

  Product Details


  X axis stroke 4500-12000mm

  Y axis stroke 800-1500mm

  Z axis stroke 500-700mm

  C axis stroke ±2130

  A axis stroke ±1200

  Main Spindle

  Main Spindle Rotary Speed 24000rpm

  Main Spindle Hole Taper HSK F63

  Main Spindle Vertical 20mm

  Main Spindle Horizontal 245mm

  Other Parameter

  Max. Load capacity 3000kg

  Motor 9kw

  Power X:1.8kw Y:1.8kw Z:3.0kw

  Reposition X axis: ±0.05 Y axis: ±0.02 Z axis: ±0.02

  A axis: ±0.02 C axis : ±0.02

  Work Table Size: 1200x12000 mm

  Main Spindle Max. Rotary Speed: 12000rpm

  Rapid Approach: 15000mm/min

  Positioning Accuracy: 0.01mm

  This Gantry CNC Machining Center is with high-precision,five-sided, 5-axis linkage functions, suitable for complex and high precison requied processing. Multi-step processing can be completed after one-time fixing.


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