"Finish" and "do well" is not just a single word difference.

If you hold a "similar" attitude, and you do not pay attention to the results, you will not be promoted as most people in the workplace.

Although there is only one word difference between "finishing" and "doing well", the essence of the two is different.

The former is executed but not in place, and is merely a formality or simply a matter of dealing with it. The latter is not only implemented, but also put in place, which means responsible for own goals, responsible for the higher organizations, and responsible for the interests of the company.

The key to an employee's high executive ability is that he values the result of "doing well". Therefore, if you want to improve the executive ability, you should not be satisfied with yourself or deceive yourself.

Now that you have implemented it, you have to make 100% efforts to do it and deliver satisfactory results in one step at a time. Otherwise, if you delay to the end of disqualification, the boss may ask you to implement it again and again until you meet the requirements, but this will not only waste the resources of the enterprise, but also waste your own time.

In this age, the desire for a job is no longer as simple as a tool for making a living, and everyone is eager to break a field, perform well, and make a difference in the job. Therefore, many people are sacred to their professional feelings, and their work has become a spiritual pillar.

So, if you do it well, then your entire workflow becomes a virtuous cycle, and the task can be done easily.

Poor execution, in the end, is a person's irresponsible behavior towards themselves and their results, and such people are hard to improve their competitiveness in the workplace.Because the basis of competitiveness is execution, not enough execution, or even a thousand miles of error, the blueprint you have drawn before is just a waste of paper. The final result you hand in is no value to the enterprise, but a waste of manpower, material resources and financial resources.Therefore, as an employee of an enterprise, it is not necessary to recite the importance of execution blindly, but to perform tasks well in practical actions and be responsible for myself and the results. Only in this way can I "do well" on the basis of "finish" and gradually improve own core competitiveness.

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