Glass Cleaning Recommendations In Insulation glass production

 In recent years, with the deepening of the concept of building energy efficiency, the use of insulating glass increased year by year, the production of insulating glass from the early handmade gradually developed into the current semi-automatic or fully automated production, production capacity, technical level and quality are achieved made great progress.

The quality of insulating glass depends mainly on the quality of raw materials and the production process of all aspects of control.Here are glass cleaning recommendations as below:

1 Roller brush regular maintenance

The key part of the glass cleaning equipment is the roller brush in the washing section, so it is important to maintain the roller brush regularly. There’ re dust, oil and paper and others on the surface of the glass, they are easy to stick in the brushes, and some will be hidden in the roots of the bristles. If not promptly cleaned, it will pollute the glass surface.Especially glass cleaning machine for cleaning LOW-E glass, also need to the regular maintenance of the roller brush. Can rinse with high pressure water gun. In addition, some vertical type of washing machine,after long-term use, the bottom roller brush wear faster than the top part, also need to adjust. So ensure that the cleaning effect of the glass roll it is necessary to required to be cleaned and replaced regularly.

2Reacquaint the cleaning water

The quality of the cleaning water affects the cleaning results, but this has not been enough attention to the insulating glass manufacturer. At present, some insulating glass manufacturers use tap water, well water or ordinary water to clean the glass, the water can not meet the requirements. Because tap water, especially well water contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, chlorine and other ions, when these ions attached to the glass surface, will affect the butyl rubber, secondary sealant and glass surface bonding quality, thus affecting the life of insulating glass , Prone to not sealed. Ordinary water purification is only filtered out of the water particles of impurities, can not remove the water ions.

The cleaning water of the insulating glass should be treated with deionized water with less than 20 g S / cm after treatment with a deionized processing facility. In the processing of LOW-E hollow glass, the requirements of cleaning water is more stringent. The water in the washing machine tank should be changed frequently to keep it clean. In changing the water after clean up the sediment from the water tank. To prevent the pump bringing these water sediment onto the roller brush.

It is forbidden to add detergent into the cleaning water of insulating glass. In addition, in order to save water, the glass cleaning water recycling technology is worth promoting.

All above are recommendations in the process of insulating glass production, of course, the most important thing should be selected qualified high-end insulating glass equipment, thus ensuring the quality of insulating glass.

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