How to ensure the quality of insulating glass production?

 The Insulating glass production enterprises want to improve the quality of insulating glass, in addition to the use the advanced insulating glass equipment to control the processing technology and achieve high efficiency of production, if ignored the following safeguards, it is also  impossible to produce qualified insulating glass to be recognized by the market. Therefore, in the process of insulating glass production, the following control measures should be strictly grasp as below: 

1Reduce the time of production

Minimize the amount of desiccant in contact with the atmosphere, reduce the loss of adsorption capacity and make the desiccant have a higher adsorption capacity.

2Strictly control the production environment temperature.

The production environment mainly affects the ability of adsorption and residual adsorption capacity.

3Choose suitable aluminum spacer.

The pores of the air should be small, to reduce the process of molecular sieve water absorption.

4Choose the suitable desiccant

Choose the higher adsorption rate and long-lasting desiccant

5Reduce moisture diffusion through the polymer.

Mainly by selecting the low permeability coefficient of the sealant, confirm the reasonable sealing thickness, Reduce the temperature difference between inside and outside the insulating glass (it is control the produced in a certain temperature range).


The above measures through the selection of materials, processing, control all aspects of the environment, the Insulating glass quality will be significantly controlled. Professional equipment, strict production management, scientific process and quality control measures, which is the premise to improve the insulating glass quality.

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