What are the set of insulating glass equipment

Insulating glass equipment include insulating glass production line, glass washing and drying machine, butyl coating machine, edge grinding machine and so on. The following by PARKER to provide you with professional guidance for reference. 

一、CNC Control Glass Cutting Line

CNC glass cutting lines mainly include glass loading machine and glass cutting machine. These machine use a relatively high frequency. Multifunctional glass loading machine, mainly used for transporting glass, the glass transported to the cutting machine on top, efficient, safe, stable performance, strong adaptability. Glass cutting machine cutting using air pressure and spring SMC precision digital module, the head can achieve 360 degree rotation, the upper and lower cutting can cut any shape glass.

二、Insulating Glass Production Line

Insulating glass production line series includes vertical automatic flat press insulating glass produce line and high-speed insulating glass automatic production line, the production line is a high-end insulating glass equipment, because of its processing speed, high efficiency is popular with customers. Insulating glass production lines can process both ordinary insulating glass and low-E glass. The entire production line using servo motor and PLC programming control, from cleaning to cover the film and then to the automatic operation of the film. In the film structure to increase the program control, the film can be moved into the former pressure plate before the use of imported sucker device, glass and flat pressure by the servo system control to ensure that the two glass can be safe and smooth combination of pressure , To ensure processing accuracy.

三、Insulating Glass Auxiliary Equipment

Insulating glass auxiliary equipment include glass edging machines, rotary coating table and molecular sieve filling machines. Glass edging machine is mainly used to polish the glass around the broken angle, to avoid the processing of hollow glass when the workers hurt the hand. Automatic rotary coating is used in conjunction with two-component coating machine, while rotating side of the plastic, the corresponding can improve work efficiency. Molecular sieve filling machine is mainly used to install molecular sieve. These devices are optional, mainly used to assist workers to produce hollow glass, improve work efficiency.

四、Insulating Glass Coating Machine

Insulating glass coating equipment include butyl coating machine and two-component coating machine. Butylcoating machine is mainly used in the insulating glass between the aluminum tank outside the application of hot melt adhesive. The operator only needs to support the aluminum spacer frame. Other actions (pressure wheel, delivery, etc.) are automatically set by the set procedures, easy to operate, reliable movement balance, good glue effect, high production efficiency, is mainly machine in double-loop sealed insulating production equipment. Two-component coating machine is mainly used in the insulating glass around the edge of the coating of two-component polysulfide sealant and two-component ketone structural adhesive. The main valve and auxiliary pump are equipped with liquid-gas combined drive and non-contact gas control system. The operation is smooth, the reversal is sensitive and reliable, the glue is continuous and stable, the production efficiency is high, the maintenance is convenient,It is important equipment to make the aluminum insulating glass and the curtain wall glass.

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