Large-span gantry machining center  PKG

Performance and parameters


  1.Design of gantry frame structure, makes whole machine with good rigidity, concussion resistibility and precision.

  2. Fixed beam structure, the beam guide rail adopts vertical orthogonal structure with good rigidity.

  3. X, Y axis adopt the heavy duty guide rail with high load capacity and precision.

  Z axis adopt the hard rail structure, to ensure the rigidity of Z axis feeding and retention of high-precision feeding.

  4. High speed spindle unit adopt Taiwan famous brand (max. 15000rpm), and max. rotary speed can be up to 12000rpm.

  5. The machine is used for the precision processing of some large-size workpiece,such as aerospace, automotive, textile, tooling, packaging machinery, mining equipment and so on. And it can achieve complex processing automatically, such as milling, drilling, tapping and so on.


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