Alu-PVC Compound Profile Processing Machine  RCM-200

Performance and parameters


  The machine mainly process end of the teeth of aluminum profile and installed insulation profile steadily.

  The flow complex plane production insulated reaches specialized equipment, mainly to the End of the teeth and installed insulation reach pressure and solid.

  The plane organisms, workstations, material shelf, reach positioning segment, reach correct part, pressure and adjust parts, bamboo knife plate, power transmission, etc.. Material table has four platforms and has been used aircraft.


  Power supply: 380V 50HZ

  Motor power: 3.0KW

  Max. rollers diameter : 200mm

  Height adjustment for bottom rollers: 0-50mm

  Height adjustment for upper rollers: 0-100mm

  Profile feeding speed: 10-40m/min

  Max. profile dimension: 220mm(w)×150mm(h)

  Overall dimension: 1800×1200×1650mm

  Weight: 1800kg


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