Aluminum multifunction machine axis milling tenon  FTM5

Performance and parameters

  The machine is used for forming processing all various profile end face and step face.Such as forming processing、chamfer edge(angle)、open rectangular slots for aluminum curtain wall profile rectangular interface and aluminum window door up and down sliding. One time feeding can process the required mortise dimension of the profile surface。The first two group cutters form right angle cutting, the last two composite cutters can be combined into mortise dimension according to the need of the user.

  Voltage: 380V 50HZ

  Motor Power: 9.2 KW

  Rotary speed: 2840r/min

  Reducer Motor: 1400r/min(0.4kw)

  Air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa

  Spindle: Φ32㎜、Φ30mm

  Cutter diameter: Φ250㎜

  Blade specification: 350×3.2×25.4×100

  Work table size: 520×320㎜

  Overall dimension: 2910×1060×1670㎜


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