Single-head Aluminium Doors and Windows Corner Crimping Machine  Heavy single head group

Performance and parameters


  1.Adopt hydraulic and pneumatic operating control. Due to new mechanical lever linkage mechanism, eliminate the corner crimping quality impact which corner crimping out of sync.

  2.Make corner crimping cutter completely synchronized, corner crimping depth is more same. 90 degrees of corner crimping is more accurate

  3.Front and Back location adopts locating device which can adjusted up and down, forward and backward. Used for processing profile with different section shape and size.

  Technical Parameter:

  Power Supply: 380V 50Hz

  Input Power: 1.5kw

  Hydraulic System Pressure :15MPA

  Air Pressure:0.4~0.6MPA

  Air Consumption:0.2L/min

  Oil Tank Capacity:20L

  Width of Profile:≤120mm

  Overall Dimension:1300×1200×1300mm


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