Aluminum CNC corner key cutting machine  LJMJ-500A

Performance and parameters

  Model: LJMJ-500A


  ▶Used for corner connector of aluminium profile cutting and for plastic profile cutting.

  ▶ Imported carbide saw blade give accurate processing and high endurance.

  ▶Linear bearing motion pair gave less resistance force and ensured high processing accuracy.

  ▶ Auto profile feeding device is available.

  ▶ One time clamp can process profile at 6mm length.


  ▶Voltage:380V 50HZ

  ▶ Power:2.2KW

  ▶ Air pressure:0.5-0.8MPa

  ▶Air consumption:200L/min

  ▶ Blade specification:Φ500XΦ30X4.4Z=120

  ▶ Feeding speed:0-3m/min

  ▶ Rotary speed:2800rpm

  ▶Cutting length:Max600mm Min3mm

  ▶ Cutting width:140mm

  ▶ Cutting height:140mm

  ▶ Surface plainness:±0.1mm

  ▶ Surface harshness: Ra12.5 µ m

  ▶ Overall dimension:1700x1700x1400mm


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