PVC Profile Copy Router And Drilling Machine  LFZ3

Performance and parameters

  Model: LFZ3


  ▶ . Used for processing lock-holes and grooves on aluminium windows and doors.

  ▶ Copy-routing processing is available.

  ▶ It can realize horizontal drilling of three holes and vertical copy routing of long holes.

  ▶ It features compact structures, small volume, high efficiency and double uses.


  ▶ Voltage:380V 50HZ

  ▶ Motor Power:1.85KW

  ▶ Air pressure:0.5-0.8MPa

  ▶ Diameter of Milling Cutter: Φ5mm

  ▶ Diameter of drilling bit:Φ12mm

  ▶ Rotary speed:2800r/min

  ▶ Surface Harshness:Ra12.5 µ m

  ▶ Copying dimension:290X90mm

  ▶ Drilling hole position error:±0.2mm

  ▶ Overall dimension:1000mmX1100mmX1500mm

  ▶ Weight:270KG


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