Hollow glass automated production lines (supersonic type)  IGV8

Performance and parameters

  Model: IGV8


  This machine has the self- diagnosis function, which is easy for check the error.

  The machine has automatic and the manual two operating modes. They are more convenient and succinct;

  It adopts the multistage frequency conversion control and multi-speed revolution optimization function and it can realize each kind of size glass movement automatically.

  Every transportation partial adopts stops the cushion function, which can avoid phenomenon which appears the glass and the equipment localization occurs dashes. And effectively reduces the glass to transport a turn of attrition.

  Adopt the electricity saving pattern, when the conveyor puts in the glass which can automatic start. It doesn’t have the glass time delay automatic shut-off, saves the power consumption.

  Air blowers adopts graduation time delay starter, effectively avoids the initial firing current oversized phenomenon.

  Cleaning dryer and the water tank was made by stainless steel processing manufacture, transmits the roller for to bear the acid and alkali rubber roller, according to the glass thickness transmission roller spacing may the automatic control.

  Inspections transmissions and the aluminium frame assembly machine adopt the double fast transmission, highly effective energy conservation May realize automatic processing to the ultra long glass, three glass and the size piece glass. (This item for specially request)

  The press panel board of panel pressure board adopts to imported osculum, the press system and panel press system are controlled by the Servo motor system(screw convey), which guarantee the two pieces glass press together safely and steadily and the processing accuracy.


  Voltage: 380V 50HZ

  Power: 20.5KW

  Air consumption: 200L/min

  Max. process dimension: 2500mm x 1800mm

  Min. process dimension: 450mm x 250mm

  Max. thickness: 40mm

  Convey speed: 12-40m/min

  Overall dimension: 15900mm x 2100mm x 2960mm


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