Profile tenon milling machine  TM25

Performance and parameters


  ◆The machine adopts carbide disk milling cutter,which is automatically developed by company according to cutting requirements and can be also designed special cutter by the customer requirments.

  ◆It can be milling by special lengthened motor connected to the blade as a whole.

  ◆Using the handle, screw drive horizontal or vertical guide rail movement to adjust the blade height and depth of processing of milling profile.

  ◆Feeding device adopts reducer motor driving screw, frequency control of motor speed, which makes cutting feed more smoothly、uniform cutting precision and makes the good surface quality. It also has higher security effectiveness by the

  shield protection

  ◆The fixed worktable of putting profiles has pressure cylinder of 16mm diameter, which can realize clamping multi-profile stably and reliably.

  Voltage: 380V 50HZ

  Motor Power: 2.2KW×6

  Rotary speed: 2800r/min

  Feeding motor power: 1.5KW

  Air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa

  Spindle: Φ30mm

  Cutter、blade number 6 pieces

  Blade specification: 350×3.5×30×Z100×2

  Overall dimension: 3850*2000*1900mm

  Weight:About 1800kg


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